The Flood (EP)

by The Great Lucian

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Welcome to the Great Lucian's first EP! We are so excited to be able to share these tracks with you- the result of a lot of late nights, many many Xynergies, and months of very hard work. Our band was officially formed the day of the Memorial Day flooding in San Marcos and Wimberley, TX, so we think "The Flood" is the best introduction to who we are and what we're about. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Thank you for listening! All hail the wolf dog.


released April 3, 2016

All songs recorded at Martian Lab Studios in San Marcos, TX
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Victor Bustos

Special thanks to Victor Bustos for his continuing encouragement, generosity, and support

All songs written and performed by The Great Lucian
Lyrics by: Amrit Khalsa
Music by: Amrit Khalsa, Tony Spradlin, Chris Crider, and Alden Packard

Amrit Khalsa- vocals
Tony Spradlin- guitar
Chris Crider- bass
Alden Packard- drums, didgeridoo



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The Great Lucian Eugene, Oregon

From Texas to Oregon.

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Track Name: Tempest
Skies howl, rain coming down
the world is spinning.
Hear the roar coming up with the oar
the world is spinning.
Passing through, we're passing over,
below us lies a well that never ends.
Carry on as the tempest leaves a mark upon your soul

Row, me boys, over the waves
when darkness dims the sky,
when the sea spirals down
and the winds are blowing high,
and the sirens call carries over the Eastern wall
to Valhalla.

Sail beyond, over desert
over lands you've never known
Close your eyes, let the water roll your body under
As the dawn is breaking,
Carry on.
Track Name: Patagonia
Morning drifts and falls into the lines around our eyes,
we gather time up in our hands and drink it down.
Silent as the winds over the ground, the sun beats down
upon that road that stretches out before us
where the wanting catches hold.

Take me away, away from the machine,
from the churning of the wheel,
let the ragged edges run,
like visions in the sun.

The desert sees but it cannot comprehend,
no god or man just the sky and the land.
So rattle the chains on the caravan,
gotta outrun the devil buried under the sand.
Kings count their coins and the voices below say,
"get up while you can, a thousand miles to go."
There's fire, fire on the horizon
where the smoke falls heavy like a river.
Take me away.

And gather the bones.
Gather, gather the bones.

And remember, remember.
I said remember, remember and run.
Remember and run.
Remember where you came from.

And in the city made of gold,
a creature washed ashore,
and wiser than before,
I make my home.
Track Name: Shadow Man
Take me in,
take, take me in and make me
the metal of your fiction.

Paint my face,
dig the colors deep so I can taste
the sugar on your fingers.

These are hard times,
we're choking on belief.
It's a cheap high, but I need some kind of relief.
My soul needs saving, gonna go on down to that...

Shadow Man
He's really got a hold, a hold on me.
Set fire to my reality, and it's never burning out.

These are hard times,
the stars have shut their eyes.
There's blood on my hands and I don't know if it's mine.
And it's all because that...


Set your price, deal your cards,
tell your lies, baby, cast a spell on me.
Cut out my tongue, put out my eyes,
burn me up, make me believe
You're real (you're real, you're real, you're real, you're real, you're real)
Oh you're real to me.
Track Name: Damn Georgia
They got questions,
'77 cadillac cream.
They're searching,
eyes open wide.
Gotta be careful
not to shatter the smile.

Dusty red,
kicking up the clouds
wheels turning,
bumping in the back.
She's seventeen,
the swagger of youth,
I'm gonna show her,
show her my strange blazing bloom.
Yeah I lose myself in that strange blazing bloom.

Broken glass in an orange sky,
stay where you are,
slam the bat against the side,
gotta be careful, little girl,
when the heat comes through,
in the dark when I come for you.

[Chorus] x2
Light it up and I'll spit it out,
light it up, baby, howl for me.
Light it up and I'll spit you out,
I'll burn you up, baby, howl for me.

I lose myself,
swallowed in smoke,
burned away.
If they knew the things I do,
for that strange blazing bloom.